Speakers First Block

Pediatric Rhino-Stomatology (Proposal of a new paradigm) – Dr. Jesús Rangel (Otolaryngologist)

The dentist, one more in the interdisciplinary dream team. – Dr. Félix de Carlos (Orthodontist)

Oral manifestations in RRT. Morphological determinants – Dr Ambrosio Bermejo Fenoll (Oral Medicine)

Speakers Second Block

Overview on the management of sleep bruxism in the absence and presence of comorbidities. – Dr. Gilles Lavigne – (Sleep and pain researcher at Sacre Coeur hospital and CHUMr research center)

Diagnosis of mouth breathing in children, non-surgical treatment alternatives. – Dra. Alma Luna – (Dentist / Orthodontist)

The face of Dental Sleep Medicine in the 21st century. – Dra. Ghizlane Aarab – (Chair of the scientific committee of the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine (AASM))

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FRIDAY AFTERNOON – Hypoxia Control

Speakers First Block

Myofunctional therapy and nasal breathing training for children and adults with chronic hypoxia. RESPIRATORY PHYSIOTHERAPY. – Dra. Jennifer Hobson (Kinesiologist, Myofunctional Therapist, Buteyko Instructor)

Types and differences of DAMs. – Dra. Mariona Mulet (Dentist, Diploma in American Board of Dental Sleep Medicine and Orofacial Pain)

Combination of DAM, postural positioner and CPAP. – Dr. Joaquín Durán Cantolla President of the Federation of Sleep Medicine Societies (FESMES)

Speakers Second Block

Behavioral approach to improve adherence to MAD and CPAP. – Dra. Guadalupe Jovanna Terán Pérez (President of the Mexican Society for Research and Sleep Medicine)

Use of CPAP in the treatment of apnea. – Dra. Liliana Estrada Cheverri President of the Latin American Federation of Dream Societies (FLASS)

Tribute to Dr. José Durán von Arx (Orthodontist) presented by Dr. Ustrell . Conference of Dr. Durán Stimulotherapy in Orthodontics.

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Speakers First Block

Official Opening of the EADSM-SEMDeS Congress Dr. Manuel Míguez (President of SEMDeS) Dra. Francesca Milano (President of EADSM) Dr. Carlos Mas Bermejo (President of the IV Congress)

Markers of cardiovascular results in Obstructive Sleep Apnea. – Dra. Carolina Lombardi (Istituto Auxologico Italiano IRCCS, Milano Bicocca University)

Sleep apnea phenotype clusters. – Dr. Walter McNicholas (St. Vincent’s University Hospital)

On the rise and fall of the IAH. – Dr. Dirk Pevernagie M (Ghent University Hospital)

SAOS: does gender matter? – Dra. Marisa Bonsignore (University of Palermo – Italy)

Speakers Second Block

Non-anatomical predictors of mandibular advancement device treatment. – Dra. Sara Op de Beeck (University of Antwerp)

Importance of UA evaluation for the treatment and management of persistent OSA after adenotonsillectomy. – Dr. An Boudewyns (Antwerp University Hospital, Belgium)

The role of the dentist in the management of the patient with upper airway stimulation. – Dra. Jacqueline Lisson (University Hospital of Munster)

EADSM accreditation: basic and expert levels. – Dr. Javier Vila Martín – (Dentist and specialist Otorhinolaryngologist)



Speakers First Block

Orthognathic Surgery in the treatment of OSA. – Dra. Adaia Valls Ontañón (Maxillofacial)

ENT Adenoidectomy and tonsillectomy in children with RRT. When and when not. Point of view of the Specialist in Otolaryngology. – Dr Diego Hellín (Otolaryngologist)

Speakers Second Block

Orthodontic resolution: Treatment of maxillary hypoplasia: Maxillary disjunction in dental sleep medicine. – Dr. Manuel Míguez (Orthodontist)

Functional considerations in the rehabilitation of patients with advanced tooth wear due to erosion and attrition – Dr. José Suárez Feito (Stomatologist, Professor Dawson Academy Spain)

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SEMDeS-EADSM 2021 Awards Ceremony – Closing of the Congress

Delivery of the SEMDeS-EADSM award for CLINICAL EXCELLENCE Dr. Javier Vila – (Member of the EADSM Board and Board of Directors of SEMDeS) presents the award to Dr. Francesca Milano – President of EADSM

Presentation of the SEMDeS-EADSM award for SCIENTIFIC EXCELLENCE Dr. Félix de Carlos – (SES Board of Directors and SEMDeS partner) and Dr. Irene Cano – (Pulmonologist) present the award to Dr. Joaquin Durán Cantolla – President of FESMES

Delivery of the witness to the President of the 5th Congress of SEMDeS Valladolid 2022. Closing of the Congress.